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Come in out of this terrible night my Friend. Raining again, is it? The wind is a fury, blowing everything about like that. My name is Ledley Barbour. I am the Curator and Keeper of the Treasures here at the Mossthread Museum. I am not alone here, walking these endless corridors, I am accompanied by my shape shifting Companion, Sebastienne the Crow. One day we will tell you the story of why we are held prisoners here...captives. Until then, We invite you into the Mossthread Museum. We are sure that we have something here that you will want.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Approach of the Evergreen Time

With Halloween only a week or so away, I suppose it is natural to think of the approaching winter season and festivities. The Mossthread Museum will celebrate the Evergreen Time with Treasures large and small. 

Is there anything you might like me to unearth for you? 

I do expect that there will be an invasion of the Evergreen Fey. They are rather a Wassailing Lot. 

This year I am oddly longing for the it.


 I, Ledley Barbour now offer Arden up for placement. My heart is heavy to see her go. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I must confess that I have cried nearly as many tears as yesterdays terrible afternoon downpour.

You see, Arden Fey, is..., was the Arboretum Mistress. Every plant under her tender care sprang to vigorous life. Every blossom was a veritable perfection, every fruit a confection. She seeks now another garden, another abode. She has confessed to me a tragic outcome in her Love Affair with a Wilder Fey, a NO GOOD WILDER FEY. (If I could only get my hands on him...) And she feels with such a broken heart, she cannot stay. 

So, here she is for placement. (Who will come to tend the Arboretum...alas, I know NOT!) 

SOLD  Thank you. Price 53.00

free shipping.

Odonata Fey

The Mossthread Museum is located on the grounds of the Baggaraggs. 

You may or may not know this. I am Ledley Barbour, its keeper, curator and captive.

 It rains here most days and that excessive moisture combined with the heat produces a kind of overgrowth that attracts all manner of Wild fey. They love to perch on the Pothos leaves that grow as large as elephant ears and swing on the wild potato vines. 

The Wilder Fey are mischievous and a little unsocialized. I have recently pleaded with them to stop unpotting my Phalaenopsis in the Arboretum, however they seem to have a special glee in replacing them with common turnip sprouts.  They are a determined lot but so am I. And I, Ledley Barbour, detest turnips.  

as a consequence I am offering this Wilder Fey up for placement. I would not place her next to your beloved Phalaenopsis. Your reward for offering her a home will be a crop of turnips the size of Texas. 

Her name is Odonata Fey. 

                                                                           Here she is.

                                                    Please observe her leafy Turnip feet. 

                                                             consider yourself warned

SOLD! thank you  Price 52.00
free shipping.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tylith Teg

 It is amazing to me that the roof of the Mossthread Museum is able to remain patent during these terrible storms. Last night the wind was blowing so hard that I felt sure a tree would be unrooted on the grounds here by the Corvid Wing. I watched as the branches lashed the window mullions but we remained safe. Although the wind has again died down, it continues to rain. The day will be another gray one.

In my wanderings to search for the missing inventory, I found myself in the catacombs of this monstrously large building. It is very dark there, dank and I admit, frightening. I was especially afraid of this fluttering sensation about my neck, and with a swift smack of my hands, immobilized this tiny vampire bat. to say that we were both startled would be understating. Her name is Tylith Teg, and she tells me she has her own casket for sleeping. She is very apologetic about her inept attempts to "Drink your Blood." 

She is looking for placement as she claims all the rain here is quite dreary. 

Price 48.00

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Asellia and Roma

 I am Ledley Barbour, curator of the Mossthread Museum, and perhaps now for the first time in so many years I am grateful for the isolation here where I am imprisoned. Please stay healthy. 

While wandering in the Northwest bell tower, looking for my beloved companion Sebastienne the crow, I came upon this doll. I was surprised to find that it is what is called...a topsy-turvey. A very old idea, and the origins of such I must research. 

I offer her to you for purchase to place with your other Halloween treasures. 

Asellia, which I believe to be a name for a type of bat, has red hair, sewn to her head. She wears a bat type mask over her painted face. Her arms when turned become the legs of her counterpart, a zombie looking woman named Roma. The dresses must be pulled down somewhat to hide the face of the counterpart. 

This doll is about 13 inches tall.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Here is another weaving offered from the nimble and dangerous fingers of the Countess D'Antagne, who likes to dabble in both abstraction and asymmetry. In this piece she explores bold contrasting colours, which she often likes to wear when the mist between worlds thickens into a woolen smudge of gray. 

Materials: upcycled wooden picture frame, 9.5" by 7.25". Twine and yarn. Asymmetrical Pizazz.
Price: 45.00 shipping cost: 7.00
Please contact for international shipping. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

It is well known among the members of the Not-So-Polite-Society (that exists between worlds) that the cunning Countess of L'Antagne murders her husbands. From her sprawling, yet well-organized gardens, she meticulously collects stem, seed, bark, bud, root and poisonous petal and through an ancient alchemy transforms them into tasteless pastes, powders, teas, and tinctures of death. This knowledge does not diminish the bold hubris of her next suitors, who are determined to convince her that This Time her marriage will be lasting. They each fall the same regardless of their certainty. Curiously, she also has a delicate fondness for curing all the village children of their many ills. Humans, as we know, are complex and varied creatures. The weaving I have brought back from her estate is made from the lace scraps of her wedding dresses and jewelry pieces that once adorned slender wrist and tender earlobe. She believes it will make a fine and fetching addition to someone else's stylish home.    Yours,  Sebastienne the Crow.

Materials: upcycled wooden frame;12inches by 14inches. Vintage and modern lace. Hand stitched bead work. Twine. Yarn. Vintage costume jewelry. 
Price: 225.00 Shipping in U.S.: 7.00 
Please contact for international shipping.