Come in out of this terrible night my Friend. Raining again, is it? The wind is terrible, blowing everything about like that. My name is Ledley Barbour. I am the Curator and Keeper of the Treasures here at the MossThread Museum. I am Alone here, walking these endless corridors, a Prisoner of Sorts...until you ARRIVED. So Welcome to the Mossthread Museum. Look around, But not too closely. And Do Not TOUCH the artifacts....they might TOUCH you Back.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Journal entry #2

 I greet you, friend. Hello, and come near. My footseps today have taken me to the arthropod room. A favorite place of mine actually. insects are fascinating, are they not? I think so anyway. This Handcrafted insect has been attached to a piece of driftwood, and appears to have been a wand of sorts. Not much is known about its origins. It has eight legs and wings. Probably used in the ancient rite of Crop Blessings.

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